Communications services

We're all about telling great stories, and helping those stories to reach their audience.

Telling your story

Every great story is a quest: it involves people challenging themselves to make some kind of difference, and overcoming what stands in their way. 

That's just as true for the story of a government department or company or NGO as it is for Luke Skywalker's story, or Leopold Bloom's. 

It's as true of a speech or an official report or a website as it is of a film or novel or epic poem.

All of our services are about helping you to tell your story as clearly and compellingly as possible, and helping your story to reach the right people.

That means clearly stating your goal or mission, how you are moving towards it, what challenges you are facing, and how you are leaping over or through them.

It means understanding your audience, and what concerns or interests them.


It means using strong, clear, vivid language.

It means giving readers or viewers a roadmap, so they can see where they are going. 

And it means uncovering those gold nuggets of truth that make the story come alive.



Reaching your audience

A story can reach its audience in many ways. It can float through the airwaves, arrange itself in words on a page, spread like a virus through the world wide web, or simply be told by one person to another.

We've worked on all kinds of media: websites, apps, media statements, catchy little flyers, hefty reports, books, speeches, newsletters, screenplays, and more.

So we're perfectly placed to advise on which medium will most effectively reach your audience, and what the risks and benefits are. We can also help to make sure you're telling the same story across all media.



How we can help

Speechwriting – Get your message across in clear, compelling language.

​Communications strategy/planning - helping you to define the story of your organisation or project and determine how to reach its audience.

Communications contracting - temporary in-house communications services, for specific projects or to cover vacancies​.

Media relations - advice, strategy and delivery​.

Report writing ​- accurate, clear and compelling legal, technical and annual reports.

​Plain English writing courses - helping your staff to communicate clearly and effectively. 

Web design and content - writing, editing, and designing for the web, and advice on site structure. 

Copywriting and ghostwriting - for all kinds of media, from brochures and newsletters to speeches and books.

Plain English editing - covering document structure and plain language.

Copy editing and proofreading - becos its way better an more profeshional if evrythang is cleer and spulled karectly.

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